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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In 2023

Digital transformation has rapidly accelerated in recent years, with enterprise organizations increasingly adopting new technology to become more agile and efficient.

In industrial markets, this digital innovation transforms entire product life cycles, turning processes like engineering, manufacturing, and customer service into competitive differentiators. To survive and thrive in the years ahead, industrial companies must begin laying the groundwork.

Here are five digital transformation trends to help your organization keep pace in 2023. Transformations focus on business value.

Business leaders are increasingly prioritizing digital.

In Maheretv’s annual state of digital transformation survey, most respondents revealed that their organization spent over one million dollars on digital transformation technologies.

The amount was significantly higher when looking specifically at large manufacturing companies, with nearly half responding that their annual spending surpassed 5 million. Digital transformation programs focus on business value.

Despite the increased investment, many digital transformation programs flounder because they need more pilot projects that scale and deliver business value. What’s proving to be more effective are highly focused programs that align the implementation of digital solutions with business problems impacting an organization’s financial or operational goals.

Digital experiences are empowering frontline employees.

With employee experience becoming a factor in today’s job market, industrial organizations increasingly seek ways to engage and empower their frontline employees. Technologies like augmented reality are helping employers differentiate themselves from job seekers and improving productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction for existing employees.

Generative AI is driving product innovation.

Another rising trend is the integration of generative AI, which uses machine learning to generate new digital artifacts from existing content or objects. As industrial companies look for additional ways to improve quality, many use generative AI, specifically generative design, to iterate how they engineer and manufacture their physical products.


IT architectures are becoming more complex.

Enterprise digital transformation requires an IT infrastructure supporting new technology throughout the value chain. With business needs constantly evolving, industrial organizations increasingly choose to customize their IT solutions with a combination of on-premise and cloud.

At Maheretv.online, we’re driving digital transformation to create a better world for your customers, employees, and business.


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