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How to Stop Spam Comments on Your WordPress Site

How to Stop Spam Comments on Your WordPress Site


This is Maham from Maheretv. Online. In this blog, you’ll learn how to stop automated comment spam. Now, comment spam is annoying, especially when you’re receiving valid average comments from your readers and trying to sort through which are spam and which are accurate.

When you get around to an actual comment from someone who enjoyed your posts, you’re annoyed with all the spam and may not be in a great headspace to leave a thoughtful reply and approve their comment.

It’s tedious and annoying, and luckily there are some straightforward solutions for stopping this problem. There are many antispam plugins out there, but the one I recommend above all else is the one I use on maheretv. Online is called Antispam, which is very simply named.

It’s this one right here on wordpress.org. As you can see, it has excellent reviews, and what I like about this Plugin is that all you need to do is install it. There’s no complex configuration or anything like that.

install Plugin

To show you how this works, I’ll visit my dashboard, hover over Plugins, and click the “Add New” button to go straight to the Add New plugins menu. Here, I’ll type antispam. Remember to add the hyphen, or it will be harder to find this even with it spelled correctly. It shows up in the third position. This is the one that you want to install.

Activate Plugin

I’ll press “Install Now.” Once it’s done installing, I’ll press “Activate,” and there’s no further action required. That’s all I need to do. And once you install the Plugin like this, you will see your spam comments drop drastically.

This may be enough on its own for your website. If you’re like me, I’ve already used this Plugin to block more than 100,000 spam comments. It’s been working great. However, with the volume of spam comments my site received, I needed to kick things up a bit to block all the spam I received.

Antispam Pro

So if you’re still getting spam comments with this Plugin installed, there is also a pro version called Antispam Pro. This one’s got better protection algorithms. It still doesn’t require a capture or any settings menus.

You can add some settings if you’d like custom controls to block manual spam, but it’s not. Um, this isn’t necessary. This is if you want to finetune things even further, block spam. I recommend starting with the Antispam Plugin. That should work well for your site.

If some comments are still getting through that you see we are spam, try out the Antispam Pro plugin, and I’ll also include a link to that in the description below. This helps you to stop your annoying spam problem.


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