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16 Best FREE SEO Chrome Extensions


16 Best FREE SEO Chrome Extensions. There are so many SEO Chrome extensions out there. Does it mean I would get better results if I used more of them? Does it save me time? Can I find underserved topics and drive traffic using many SEO Chrome extensions? Many Chrome extensions are out there, especially SEO-related ones, but having too many installed ones may not be productive and may not fetch better results.

16 Best FREE SEO Chrome Extensions

On top of that, some beneficial functions are only available for the Premium extensions, which its free extension. Is just “meh…” So in this blog, we will show you our 16 favourites free SEO Chrome extensions and how they can help your website rank higher on Google.

Let’s go. Hey, it’s Maham and Shahzad from Maheretv. This one WordPress SEO plugin constantly strives to provide you with the fastest and the most cutting-edge SEO tools and, most importantly, equip you with the most up-to-date SEO knowledge. We are here to discuss the best free Chrome extensions to streamline your workflow and improve your SEO. And that’s why we have broken those Chrome extensions into six categories.

We’ll start with extensions that will help with “Topic Discovery” and then extensions that will help with “On-Page SEO,” “Technical SEO,” “Backlink Discovery,” “Backlink Outreach,” and finally, “Local SEO.”

SEO Chrome Extensions For Topic Discovery

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the “Topic Discovery” extensions. Regarding Topic Discovery, what comes to mind are the Chrome extensions from Ahrefs, SEMRush, paid extensions, and others like Moz Bar, Keyword Surfer, etc., freemium tools that don’t have much utility in the free version. For example, Keyword Surfer provides you with the number of words and the exact keywords used for each ranked article.

The number of words for a particular topic is subjective as it varies. But that’s unless many data points are analyzed, like Rank Math’s Content AI, where we use a proprietary AI system to explore all the content ranked and provide you with a range of words for a particular topic. Anyway, the keyword ideas could be more helpful too.

And for the Moz Bar provides you with the Page and Domain Authority with several helpful backlinks, but to determine the competitiveness of the topic, you need the Premium Version. Not very helpful after all.

#1 Ubersuggest

The first Chrome extension we recommend in this category is the “Ubersuggest” extension. And yes, I know it is a freemium tool with a limit of 3 searches per day. For example, the search volume of this key phrase you have searched for. 16 Best FREE SEO Chrome Extensions. They will provide you with the domain authority that Moz Bar delivers. This page’s estimated traffic received from the search term, the number of social shares, and the keywords people also search for, with its relative search volume.

Cost per click, the estimated cost per click if you wish to run ads, and the SEO difficulty, which tells you how difficult it is to rank for this keyword. By the way, it also means you know the number of backlinks each ranked article has. It is more complete. And if you have multiple Gmail accounts, most of us do, it expands your daily search limit.

He already knows! Really? Moving on to the following Chrome extension, we have a tool to help with the good old Google alphabet soup technique, where you enter a generic search term and add an A-B-C. Notice the Google suggestions as I change the letters. These are suggested vital phrases people search for on Google, and this process takes time.

#2 Seostack

So the next chrome extension we recommend is “SEOStack.” Installing and activating this Chrome extension does not alter or add any information on the search results page but is a tool on its own. Enter your seed keyword, and select your modifiers. The more modifiers you choose, the longer it takes for the process to complete.

The same goes for the sources, but you will see more keyword suggestions. Click on Start, and within seconds or minutes. You will get many keyword suggestions directly pulled from your selected search engines. As you can see, these are the suggested key phrases ranked in this position when A is entered; these are the keywords when no letters are entered. They always go in this sequence.

Like what you see? Just export the results to a CSV file for further use. So this tool saves you a ton of time doing the technic from scratch and talking about saving time.

#3 SEO Minion

“SEO Minion” is a Chrome extension that extracts the questions from the “People Also Ask” section. You see from a usual Google search that you will have to expand the questions one at a time before more related questions appear. But with SEO Minion, you will see its toolbar on the right.

You can download various information, as seen here, but the most useful is the “PAA,” “People Also Ask.” The deeper the levels you select, the longer it takes for SEO minion to populate the results. But once the development is occupied, you can download the data through a CSV file or, even better, view the People Also Ask tree.

That gives you an overview of all the questions about your search term. I don’t know about you, but this is incredibly helpful as you get many related topics in seconds. And if you place those topics in Rank Math’s Google Trends tool, it will immediately tell you if each has a search volume. Having a graph means there is search traffic and no diagram. For example, this means low or no search traffic.

SEO Chrome Extensions For OnPage SEO

So we have a means of getting topic suggestions and access to information about the search volume and competitiveness of the topics. The next thing is to optimize your content with On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is the meat and ingredients of search rankings. You can do many things to “prop up” your SEO, like link building and whatnot, but nothing will work out for you if you don’t get On-Page SEO right.

#4 Grammarly

So the first SEO Chrome extension in this category is the Free Grammarly Chrome extension because, according to Google, poor language indirectly reflects the quality of your site, which indirectly affects your rankings. So we better proofread our content before publishing. And what is better than hiring a proofreader?

Grammarly! If you were like me, who didn’t know the Chrome extension existed, you’ll probably need to write in Google Docs or WordPress Editor and transfer the content to Grammarly.

Do all the necessary checks and transfer it back to WordPress before publishing. Yeah, that was my last year. And with this Grammarly Chrome extension, I can write in the WordPress Editor and get grammar checks in the editor. No more unnecessary work. Best of all, Grammarly is free, so go check it out.

#5 Detailed SEO Extension

Next up, we have the handy “Detailed SEO Extension” tool. Once you have activated the Chrome extension, when you visit any web page and click on the wing, it will give you an overview of the page, like the page title, description, URL, canonical, robots tag, Word count, the number of heading tags used, images and links.


And if you are researching the topic to figure out what to write, click on Headings, and you’ll see the topic headers in summary without actually scrolling through the content. This is super helpful. Click on Links to give information on the internal and external links. Using this tool, I can source some topic ideas by reading the anchor text and building a topical cluster.

And then we have the images. Now, this is analyzing the contents of just one page. And as I said earlier, it would be more helpful if multiple data points were analyzed. And that’s what our AI system does. It explores the content ranking at the top and tells you what you should include in the content area and the headings. It will tell you how many images to add and the number of links beyond the information you receive from the Detailed SEO extension.

But this tool is helpful, wherein you get an idea of what to write and prompts good internal linking opportunities for your site. This Chrome extension and our content AI will help you write your content.

And then it also provides you with the schema information on the page, which is excellent if you know how to implement it on your site. But you can utilize our Schema generator for an easier way to use the schema information.

In the WordPress Editor, click Import, select the URL option, place the page link here, and boom. The schema information you get from the Chrome extension is right here. All you need to do to utilize the schema information of your selected webpage is to edit the information so you can use it on your page. In terms of On-Page SEO, this Detailed SEO extension is helpful with using tools from Rank Math.

#6 Open SEO Stats

Another Chrome extension similar to the detailed SEO extension is the “Open SEO Stats” extension. Similar to Detailed SEO, it provides you with an overall SEO stat about the site, its technical information, and the information of the page you are on.

You’ll get the number of internal and external links, the titles used in the heading tags, etc. It also provides you with the details of the links on this page. It is similar to the detailed SEO extension, but personally, regarding the user experience, I prefer the Detailed SEO extension to the Open SEO Stats. What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

#7 Spark Content Optimizer

Another excellent SEO chrome Extension is the “Spark Content Optimizer.” This free tool does quite several things. Visit any page on the Internet, open up the extension, and it will tell you how many keywords this article is ranking for and its estimated traffic. If you intend to write a report on the same topic, if this page you are on is the first result on Google, that’s the estimated traffic you’ll get if you outrank this article.

If you expand the rankings, it will show you the top 20 keywords or key phrases. This article ranks for the order for each of these key phrases and the search volume of these key phrases. This is much like the Rank Math Analytics module, which will tell you what keywords a particular article ranks for and its stats. Rank Math is great for internal data, while Spark Content Analyzer is excellent for external data or, in other words, your competitor’s data. As we scroll down further, it gives you the On-page information. Checks if your page is experiencing any technical issues.

It tells you how many external sites are linked to this page. It checks if the links on this page are working correctly. Technically, this is the broken Link checker. Then it has a Page Speed checker, which is excellent if you want to know what other pages are performing in speed in the fastest way possible. You can conduct an SEO check to see if the page is SEO-friendly. Now, this only makes three statements, but if you use Rank Math’s SEO checklist, we have a bunch of checks to ensure that your content is VERY SEO friendly.

It gives you the word count and lets you know the words search engines seek. This handy SEO Chrome extension for competitor analysis is also suitable for your On-Page SEO. How do you like our list of SEO Chrome extensions so far? If you like what you see, please SMASH that thumbs-up button.

SEO Chrome Extensions For Technical SEO

#8 Performance Analyzer

Let’s head to the next category, one of our favourites. There are many aspects to Technical SEO, but the SEO Chrome extension on our list helps improve the speed of our website, and it is called “Performance Analyzer.” Go to any web page, click on the extension, and it will give you an overview of how your web page performs quickly.

It will tell you how many requests the browser makes to your server before the page can be displayed, the total time it takes to load, and the breakdown of the load time. Time to first Byte is the time it takes for your server to respond to the web browser’s request. The DOM processing is how fast the objects of the page load. These data are represented in the graph below if you go down further. You can see a breakdown of all the requests.

And it is constructive to see the waterfall chart of everything that loads on your web page so you know what is holding your page back from loading fast. All these are technical, and it’s great for people who understand and use them to their advantage. But if you have no grabs of what this is all about, don’t worry. We have created a simple blog to help you improve your site speed, even as a beginner. You can check it out right here. We have left it in the description.

#9 Lighthouse

Now, talking about page performance, there is an SEO Chrome extension from Google called “Lighthouse.” We’re sure you’ve heard of it. It will give you all the details about your page speed. Find this familiar because this is from the Pagespeed Insights that Google provides. On top of that, it analyzes your page accessibility to determine if your page is accessible to people with disabilities.

Check if the codes of your site follow Best Practices, and it checks if your page follows the primary search engine optimization advice. It checks everything. But that does not mean that having everything here at 90 and above will guarantee a top spot for you on search rankings. These are just guidelines to help you improve the overall quality of your site. Order still depends on your content. Now, these are the two Chrome extensions.

SEO Chrome Extensions For Backlink Discovery

That will help with Technical SEO. Now let’s head over to the next category, the “Backlink Discovery” category. Now, no matter the claims that backlinks are getting less and less critical, that’s for the future to decide.

#10 Free Backlink Checker by LRT

What’s happening right now is that Backlink still matters to SEO. So the first SEO Chrome extension we recommend to help you discover backlink opportunities, it’s the “Free Backlink Checker by LRT.” As the name suggests, it is free to use. You don’t need to create any accounts, and there is no limit to the usage.

Now, this tool helps you find broken links from your page, your competitor’s page, or the page you wish to get backlinks from, and it helps you quickly identify if links from a page are followed. Just visit the page, click on the extension, and it will start analyzing the page. This is the summary of the links it has identified. If you want a full report on all the links analyzed on the page, click Export, and you will have a lovely table with filters to suit your use case.

Maybe you only want to see external links that are “doFollow” so you can determine if there are opportunities for you to reach out to them. Or maybe you only want to see broken links that are “doFollow,” so you know there is a link-building opportunity, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for this webpage. This is such a great Chrome extension to have that will help you discover link-building opportunities.

#11 Buzzsumo

Another great chrome extension for Backlink Discovery is “BuzzSumo.” Now, isn’t that a paid extension? They have a paid version, but you still get ten free monthly searches even if you don’t pay for it. So technically, it is a freemium tool like Ubersuggest and very useful.

For example, you have social share buttons on your page and want to know the sharers so you can reach out to them for a backlink opportunity. Or you can visit a competitor’s page to see its sharers so that you can reach out to them and let them know that your content also exists, and it’s probably better than your competitor’s page that they have shared. That’s one use case. Other than that, you can view the backlinks of the page you are on, view the most shared content of the site, and view the backlinks to identify opportunities. There are many use cases with Buzzsumo. You have to be creative with it.

#12 Nofollow

The following Chrome extension is handy if you want a specific feature of Buzzumo and want to avoid being tied down by the limits. We are talking about the “NoFollow” Chrome extension. As the name suggests, it helps you identify if a page you are visiting has “Follow” or “noFollow” links in the most convenient way.

Instead of running and viewing reports, visit any page on the web, and if a link is a Follow link, it will show a green boxed-up indicator like this. And if a link is Nofollow, it will be in red. So from here, we can see that the internal links are followed links, and the external links are noFollow links. So would you want to spend time trying to get a backlink from TIME.com?

SEO Chrome Extensions For Backlink Outreach

All right, now you have found some backlink opportunities, and it’s time to do some outreach.

#13 Hunter.io

So let’s go to the next category. I found this website I want links from, but who should I contact? Use “Hunter.io”! On any page of a site you want links from, click on the extension, and it will start searching for email addresses related to the domain. The best part is they will categorize those email addresses so you can reach the right person.

In this case, we are on the Points Guys website, and the people I should be in contact with for backlinks are probably people from the communications team. It is a relatively simple tool but super helpful and convenient. It saves you much time going through site pages to find email addresses. Now, smash that thumbs-up button if you like what you see!

SEO Chrome Extensions For Local SEO

The final category we have will be super helpful to local businesses. Sometimes as a local business owner, you. Never know what your business is ranking for on particular search terms like “Locksmith near me” because sometimes it depends on the location where your customer is searching.

#14 GMB Crush

So with GMB Crush, you can get that information. All you have to do is install a Chrome extension, register and validate your account, and on this page, you can switch the search location. For example, hypothetically, my customer is near a place called “Tiong Bahru,” so I will add “Tiong Bahru” and click on “Get Coordinates.” Now I can select an address that is closest to where my hypothetical customer is. Once selected, click “Search Now, ” which brings you to the map as though you are at that location.

You see, this is where my hypothetical customer is located. When you search, for example, “Italian restaurants near me,” these ads appear and are the organic results. It will show Lucca’s restaurant at the top, located here.

And Chapter 55 is ranked in the third position. But why isn’t it ranking first or second since it is near my location? If your business is Chapter 55, you know you’re not at the top because your review rating is not better than the top two results. So your primary focus should be to bring your review ratings up so that your results will appear first if somebody searches for “Italian restaurants near me” near the location.

If you want to save money on something other than some expensive tracking tools, you can use this tool to plot a few locations around your business and take snapshots of the ranking. And every month, you do the same process, and you will know if your order has improved. You have to be resourceful. 16 Best FREE SEO Chrome ExtensionsThe following two will help identify the primary and secondary categories your competitors have entered in their Google Business profiles. That way, you know how you should compete.

#15 GMB Everywhere

So the next Chrome extension is “GMB Everywhere.” You can see some elements added to the search results as you activate the Chrome extension. You will see the categories each local business is using. So You can conduct a basic audit on your business or your competitors’ business to get insights into the information and business properties on Google. It has functions similar to GMB Crush, allowing you to alter the location.

But note that there is a limit of five audits per month in total. So whether you do a basic audit, that’s one audit report, a teleport audit, that’s another report. So it’s less than five for each audit. Just take note of that. So regarding the teleport, GMB crush is much better because it has no limits.

But what’s good about GMB Everywhere is that it provides for free on top of the categories. It allows you to do a review audit where it will analyze all the reviews of a business and provide you with some insights about the thoughts of the company and the review keywords analysis.

If you are an intelligent business owner, I’m sure you know what to do with this information. Maybe a service you provide which wasn’t your focus is now mentioned many times. You know that’s the service you need to put more emphasis on.

#16 GMB Spy

Finally, if you don’t think you need audits from GMB everywhere and need the Google Business Profile categories information, then you will find “GMB Spy” helpful. With GMB Spy, if you search on Google Maps and click on the extension, you will see two options: “Selected” and “Local Pack.” You are not seeing the correct information on the Selected because you have yet to select any business.

When you do, it will show you the primary and secondary categories of the business. If you select the Local Pack, it will show you the types of the top three results. And if you want to see the primary and secondary categories of the top 20 results from the Local Pack, download them as CSV. And here, you will see the categories from the top 20 results.


So what do you think about this list of free SEO Chrome extensions? Is any of them useful, or do you have experience using them? Let us know in the comments. If you know some other SEO Chrome extensions, feel free to share them. Do give us a thumbs up if you find this blog helpful. It means a lot to us. We hope you do so to get updated SEO information and knowledge.

Thanks for reading. Stay awesome, and I’ll see you in the next blog. Great job!


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